Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.  —Marcus Aurelius

I enjoy all things pertaining to the ancient Mediterranean and Near East. I am 24 years old with a BA in History and post-bac degree in Classics from Georgetown University. I spend my summers in Nokalakevi, Georgia doing archeology with the Anglo Georgian Expedition.  I have  language background in Latin and Greek. My primary interests lay in the religious, military and sexual lives of Romans. My favorite period of history is late antiquity, particularly the period during the reign of Constantine. I am currently enrolled in a library science MS program for Archive Management.

The ancient world is a strange place, yet within its winding and twisting paths of bizarre customs and important dates lay insightful and humorous details. So, “follow me,” in both senses of the phrase—into this treacherous labyrinth. However, please remember to bring with you the precious spool of fine red yarn…


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